The village and surrounding fields are undeniably beautiful, filled with abundant flowers and buzzing with hummingbirds.

The spectacular scenery, together with the cool, crisp mountain air makes Cerro Punta a perfect start point for hiking Los Quetzales trail, and the pristine cloudforests of La Amistad International Park and Volcán Barú National Park are both within easy reach.

These parks are perhaps the best places in all Central America to catch a glimpse of the elusive quetzal, particularly in the dry season between January and April.

If you like to look at the agriculture farms, spread on the hills, or the horse breeding, Cerro Punta is the perfect place. In this region you can prove that the good climate contribute to facilitate the production of vegetals like carrots, letuce, tomatoes, onions, peaches, oranges and even small apples.

About the horse breeding, here is the home of two very important breeders, Cerro Punta and Carinthia, very well know because of their thoroughbreds.

In Cerro Punta there are reasonable restaurants where you can get decent, inexpensive típica meals and excellent creamy milkshakes made with local strawberries and blackberries. In Guadelupe, a suburb of Cerro Punta, there are several small places that are good for coffee, snacks, seafood, chicken, pizza and bakery. Don't miss the above mentionned milkshakes.

Another worthwhile destination is the FINCA DRACULA ORCHIDS FARM, about five minutes beyond the Los Quetzales Lodge in Guadelupe and home to one of the most complete orchid collections in Latin America.

To know more about the Cerro Punta's region attractions, select the following links:

SENDERO LOS QUETZALES (The Quetzales Trail) - Natural trail that links the Boquete and Cerro Punta villages through La Amistad International Park.

PARQUE INTERNACIONAL LA AMISTAD (Friendship International Park) - A binational (Panama-Costa Rica) natural reserve in the mountains of the provinces of Chiriquí and Bocas del Toro, in the panamanian side.

PARQUE NACIONAL VOLCAN BARU (Baru Volcano National Park) - The core of this reserve is the highest mountain of Panama: the Baru Volcano.