At almost 2000m above sea level, in a valley surrounded by densely forested mountains, CERRO PUNTA is the highest village in Panamá, and often swathed in cloud. Since it was settled, agriculture has expanded so rapidly that the town now produces some 80 percent of all the vegetables consumed in Panamá.

Everything in Cerro Punta is spread out along the main road from David and a side road leading towards Parque Internacional La Amistad.

But not all is agriculte. Despite the impact that this activity has over the environment, there are many ecosystems in very good shape and the tourism is coming to discover not only the natural reserves but also other parts of Cerro Punta where mother nature is still showing off the best images.

In order to get to Cerro Punta, from Panama City, take a plane (one hour) to David and then from David, there are buses that, leaving the terminal of this city each half an hour, leave you in the "valley of clouds" in more or less one hour and a half.

There are also flights from San José, Costa Rica, three days a week, also one hour, to David.

Driving from Panama City, there are 440 kilometers to David and from there only forty kilometers to Cerro Punta, that pass between landscapes of great scenic beauty causing that the time happens almost without realizing.

Driving from San Jose, Costa Rica, there are more or less 300 kilometers to David, crossing the border in Paso Canoas.