At almost 2000m above sea level in a valley surrounded by densely forested mountains, CERRO PUNTA is the highest village in Panamá, and often swathed in cloud. Since it was settled, agriculture has expanded so rapidly that the town now produces some 80 percent of all the vegetables consumed in Panamá.

Everything in Cerro Punta is spread out along the main road from David and a side road leading towards Parque Internacional La Amistad.

The village and surrounding fields are undeniably beautiful, filled with abundant flowers and buzzing with hummingbirds. The spectacular scenery, together with the cool, crisp mountain air makes Cerro Punta a perfect start point for hiking, and the pristine cloudforests of La Amistad and Volcán Barú are both within easy reach. These parks are perhaps the best places in all Central America to catch a glimpse of the elusive quetzal, particularly in the dry season between January and April.


In order to arrive at Cerro Punta, from David, there are buses that, leaving the terminal of this city each half an hour, leave you in the "valley of clouds" in more or less one hour and a half.

Driving there are only forty kilometers that pass between landscapes of great scenic beauty causing that the time happens almost without realizing.